June 21, 2007, Fürth

Press conference: Evi Kurz presents her book The Kissinger Saga

Prof. Gregor Schöllgen during the presentation of the book:

“… a highly interesting book, an exciting read, very well done. I’ve never encountred a book like this before in terms of the layout as a whole…entire generations of historians, journalists and political scientists have tried to get close to Henry Kissinger and – where they even knew anything about his existence – to his brother Walter in order to find out something personal about them. ..The Kissingers have never spoken about this before. They did this with Evi Kurz and opened up their archive to her for the first time…”

You can view the speech notes of Prof. Dr. Schöllgen as a PDF here

Prof. Dr. Gregor Schöllgen, Evi Kurz, Oberbürgermeister Dr. Thomas Jung

Prof. Gregor Schöllgen, Evi Kurz, Mayor Dr. Thomas Jung

Evi Kurz und Prof. Dr. Gregor Schöllgen

Evi Kurz and Prof. Gregor Schöllgen